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Fuel Efficiency
Fuel-Saver helps to reveal the secrets of better fuel economy.
This app contains best tips from experienced drivers.
You will be able to save fuel like a true professional.

Better MPG


  • 20 effective gas saving tips
  • Save gas & time
  • Complete fill history
  • MPG or L/100km
  • Cost per mile
  • Daily averages
  • Total fuel expenses
  • Economy chart


All the tips have been tried by our users and their effectiveness has been proven.

Fuel-Saver app works with any car engine type:

  • Gasoline Engines
  • Diesel Engines
  • Hybrids

Proven Fuel Saving

Save up to 30%*

Fuel-Saver tips can be used for your new car - they don't violate any warranty terms.

No modifications to the car are required.

The tips do not interfere with traffic safety.

Fuel-Saver will help you start saving the moment you start following them. You will know exactly what to do to lower your car’s fuel consumption rate after only 20 minutes.


This is a free version of Fuel-Saver app. Try this useful and effective fuel economy app without any risk and see the difference with your own eyes. Lite version limitations:
  • Only half of fuel efficiency tips are shown
  • Statistics are calculated only for 4 latest fill-ups
  • Economy chart shows information on 4 latest fill-ups
If you like the app you can unlock all the functions at any moment without losing any data on your fill-ups.

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Fuel Saving Tips

* - 30% is the average fuel economy achieved in our tests. Actual economy depends on your car, engine type, your car's condition, tires, driving environment (city driving v long distance trips, etc.) and driving cycle. Savings may vary based on the above.